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Employment Security Commission of North Carolina

3301 Highway 70 SE  
Newton, NC  28658  
Contact:  Allan W. Mackie, Manager of Hickory/Newton ESC
Phone:  828-466-5535   Fax:  828-466-5545 or 5546
Email:  allan.mackie@ncmail.net 
Home Page:  http://www.ncesc.com


Customer Profile:

The Commission’s basic labor exchange services are available to anyone.  The unemployment insurance program serves individuals who are involuntarily unemployed.  In addition, the Commission offers more intensive services to various targeted groups in special programs (welfare and/or food stamp recipients, dislocated workers, veterans, handicapped workers, the economically disadvantaged, and others).

Primary Services:

The Commission operates a labor exchange on a non-fee basis for employers and job seekers and also administers the unemployment insurance program.  In addition the Commission is the state’s largest collector and disseminator of labor market information.

Other Services:

The Commission offers a wide variety of other services including programs for welfare recipients, food stamp recipients, dislocated workers, the economically disadvantaged, handicapped workers and offenders.  These additional services may include more intensive placement services, on-the-job training, classroom training, job clubs, etc.  Also the Commission offers employer technical services to the state’s employers.



Funding source(s): The basic funding for the Commission is provided through unemployment insurance taxes paid by employers.  Also, additional funding is obtained on a contract basis to operate various special programs.

Other parties in which organization may be accountable to: Organizations that the Commission has special agreements to provide services including Workforce Development Boards, Department of Social Services, department of Employment Training, and others.

Organization’s objectives for serving the business community:

The Commission’s primary objective is to provide an efficient, statewide, nationally affiliated labor exchange to assist businesses in meeting staffing needs.

The method(s) that objectives are measured:

Various reports generated through the Commission’s management information system and feedback from employers and job seekers.


Kathy Lamb, Job Placement Supervisor

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